The Rice Purity Test is an anonymous online survey that has been taken by millions of people around the world. It was originally developed by Rice University in 1924 as a way to measure the moral character of incoming freshman students. The test consists of 100 questions that span a variety of topics, such as sexual activity, drug use, and other social activities.
The purpose of the Rice Purity Test is to provide a way for people to self-assess their moral character. It is also used as a way to compare one's moral character to others. The test is typically taken by college students, and the results are often shared on social media.
When taking the Rice Purity Test, you are asked to answer each of the 100 questions honestly. The questions cover a variety of topics and range from simple inquires about drinking and smoking to more complicated questions about sexual activity. The answers you give will be added up to give you a score out of 100.
The higher the score, the higher the level of morality you possess. A score of 100 indicates a high level of moral purity and a score of 0 indicates a lack of morality. Your score is not only used to compare yourself to others, but also to measure your overall level.

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